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Geo-resources for teaching, learning and research 2014


Last year, EUROGEO (the European Association of Geographers) completed 35 years of operation. This is the latest of a series of blog posts celebrating the anniversary of the association by looking back at 2014 from the perspective of the posts in the association monthly newsletter. Subscribe to the EUROGEO newsletter

Geo-ed resources for Teaching, Learning and Research: some highlights from 2014

In this blog some of my favourite resources for teaching and research are highlighted.

2014 saw the arrival of the story map and easy-to-use templates to share data, photos and multimedia through interactive maps. Storymaps help explore information through interacting with content. The ArcGIS Online site provides a vast array of interesting story maps.

Here are some of the story maps as teaching resources shared this year:globalisation graphic

Other ArcGIS Online articles included:

A  number of wonderful Web sites were featured during 2014:scribblemaps

Some great tools were shared:

My favourite video resource of the year was from Gapminder, on why child survival helps stop population growth

world-cupOther useful links included learning resources for major sporting events:

Perhaps the most bizarre but fun resource was a video about making a pirate treasure map with Bing

The full list of publications featured in 2014 EUROGEO Newsletters is available at

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Cloud computing, education

School on the Cloud: lessons from Digital Earth

It is commonly agreed that networking in education is important. This post reflects on some lessons learned from networks I have been involved in and looks to the future. It is based on a presentation I am making at the 2014 Scientix  conference in Brussels. It’s planned to be a networking meeting for projects, researchers and leaders in the field. It is hosted by the European Commission and European Schoolnet.

My presentation will reflect on the experiences learned from the  Scientix project, which networked more than 80 organisations involved in using Digital Earth technologies and geo-media in schools, teacher education and training.

It seems to be a real pity that such neworking opportunities for schools and teacher education have disappeared under the Erasmus Plus funding system. These networks generated so much innovation and built the capacity for change. They were able to gather ideas and initiatives from many different stakeholders.

My presentation will review the outcomes of the ambitious network, recently graded at 90% by evaluators from the European Commission and which received a Global Award for Capacity Building in education at the GeoSpatial World Forum in earth, geospatial, industry, geo-media

The project raised awareness of the explosion of science and technology opportunities, open data and open science developments. It highlighted learning and teaching perspectives and sought to scale up the implementation of innovative approaches through a Centre of Excellence approach. These outstanding organisations continue to be highly active in promoting geo-media and geotechnologies in their own contexts. Many spinoff projects and other innovative developments continue.

I will examine the legacy and subsequent developments taken forward by the School on the Cloud network: Connecting Education to the Cloud for Digital Citizenship. School on the Cloud (SoC)  is a KA3 ICT network aiming to explore new dynamic ways to integrate the Cloud into education.

Cloud computing, education, Digital Agenda

The goal of the network is to explore how to align education with the way we think, share, learn and collaborate, across various education sectors, by exploiting the opportunities arising from “Cloud” Computing environments.

SoC started with 57 Partners, most of whom are leaders in their educational sectors. They represent 18 European countries and include 10 Schools, 21 Universities, Companies, NGOs, National Authorities, Research Centres, Associations and Adult Education providers. School on the Cloud has undertaken a state-of-the-art survey and established 4 working groups to look at the prospects for management, teaching, learning and Cloud-based digital futures,

Scientix  conference programme - School on the Cloud -