GeoCapabilities Project

GeoCapabilities: Teachers as Curriculum Leaders

The key objective is to create teacher training materials to develop teachers as curriculum leaders … through a ‘capabilities’ approach’.

The project embraces diversity in culture and language and in how geography is understood and expressed in national school standards. The capabilities approach helps geography educators in all jurisdictions articulate the relevance and power of learning how to think geographically

The Key Output is “to develop and pilot an online professional development communications platform for teacher preparation in geography.”

  • Resources (teaching materials and communications tools)
  • Trans-European collaborations
  • Online teacher exchanges

Geocapabilities logoThe GeoCapabilities project will gradually assemble materials of various kinds in the column to the right. These will help you conceptualise the main theoretical ideas of the GeoCapabilities project as we work with partners, associate partners and others in conferences, meetings and workshops.

These ideas, the theoretical resources of the project, are:
capabilities, capabilities approach, curriculum, curriculum making, curriculum futures, powerful knowledge, powerful pedagogies

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