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Welcome To My Blog: a geographical journey



I’m finally making the leap into the Blogosphere. Welcome to my Blog. Hope you enjoy it.

I’ve been concerned with things geographical throughout my career in education. This blog will be dedicated to innovations in geography and the projects, training and other consultancy and voluntary work we are connected with.

Geo- has suffered in comparison to other subject areas, being not well viewed by education Ministries and policy makers around the world, struggling to fight for its place in an over-crowded curriculum. Employers in many countries don’t recognise the value of geographical qualifications, despite comment from influential media organisations like the Huffington Post, the Independent and the Guardian.  Professional bodies maintain a positive profile but those responsible for education policy remain unaware of the impact geographers are having in society.

Using Search Engines to find out what Geography and geographical education were about was not very useful, so members of the European Association of Geographers decided to develop a promotional tool on the Internet for things Geo-.  In 2010-2011, together with colleagues from European universities, we designed and developed a Web site called Geo-Cube to help unravel the complex nature of what geography is and what geographers do. We targeted policy makers and high influence people and organisations, but also provided copyright free media to educators.

Geo-Cube was developed to offer 54 windows into the world of geographers. It illustrates many of the areas in society that people with a geographical qualifications are working in. The site has hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and has now been translated into 5 languages. My son created the graphical design and coded 3-D cube interface …. you can find out about him and his work as a leading Web Designer here and through his blog.

We’d like to update the site and create a Geo-Cube app for mobile phones and tablets so if you’d like to contribute to support this venture, please get in touch.