• Innovative uses of technology

  • Project development

  • Education and training

  • Innovation and change management

  • Future perspectives

  • Keynotes at major events

  • Geo-capacity building

  • Campaigning for geo-

  • At the Council of Europe

    Karl Donert
  • Proposals and partnerships

What is ILN?

Innovative Learning Network Ltd is a UK company specialising in training and support concerning internationalisation and the European dimension in education. ILN also offers expertise in the use of new media and technologies in education and has a focus on European activities with a geographical aspect. The goal is to connect teachers, academics and researchers to the spatial technological revolution.ILN is an SME set up in Liverpool, UK which aims to:

  • promote innovation in education and training through networking
  • provide consultancy in its areas of expertise
  • offer training development and support for different education sectors
  • provide expertise in project developments, including management, evaluation, financing and administration
  • develop and maintain international partnerships and cross-border cooperation
  • enhance partnership formation, support projectconceptualisation and development, manage projects.


Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow

Karl Donert

Karl Donert


Director and Chief Executive

Greg Donert

Greg Donert