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EUROGEO News Highlights 2014 – part 3

EUROGEO logoIn 2014, EUROGEO (the European Association of Geographers) completed 35 years of operation. This is one of a series of blog posts celebrating this anniversary by looking back at 2014 from the posts in the association monthly newsletter. Subscribe to the EUROGEO newsletter

EUROGEO News Highlights 2014 (November-December)

The new newsletter design was launched in November 2014, with the first Call of the 2015 meeting and conference to be held in Ankara. The new newsletter provided access to a large collection of geo-news from social media, newspapers and the latest geographical research. There were news items on Climate, Environment, Human, Economic and Physical Geography.

during the month, issue 3 of the European Journal of Geography was published with seven peer reviewed articles on historical analysis, wildfire risk assessment, location analysis, social perception, communicating climate change, catchment approaches and tourism in Belgrade.  new newsletter design image

EUROGEO participated in the Geo- World record event, promoting and participating in activities. Geo- World Record Event. Many schools signed up for the biggest school geography investigation of its type in the world which took place during Geography Awareness Week 17-21 November! More than 20,000 students took part adding data to the World Record GIS map during that week. Teachers were able to use lots of teaching resources and ideas provided by the initiative. Support for data analysis with ArcGIS Online was provided by a series of videos and teacher resources.

In December the newsletter highlighted the contribution of EUROGEO to NGO activities as part of the COP 20 event in Lima, Peru. A position statement was developed on Climate Change and Human Rights and finalised and launched on Human Rights Day Geneva, 10 December 2014. Promotion and awareness raising was undertaken through social media.

EUROGEO has been involved in many projects during 2014. The December newsletter highlighted the meeting of the GeoCapabilities Project team, who  launched a teacher survey to identify where Geography teachers go to for Geography support. The results of this will be announced in 2015. The first major publication of the GI-N2K project was announced. This is a report on the demand and supply of GI education and training in 25 countries.COP20 graphic

Finally we were able to report the excellent news that the Bulgarian Geographic Society, founded in 1918, has restarted. Looking forward now to 2015!

The 2014 EUROGEO newsletters are available at

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