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Geo-resources for teaching, learning and research 2014


Last year, EUROGEO (the European Association of Geographers) completed 35 years of operation. This is the latest of a series of blog posts celebrating the anniversary of the association by looking back at 2014 from the perspective of the posts in the association monthly newsletter. Subscribe to the EUROGEO newsletter

Geo-ed resources for Teaching, Learning and Research: some highlights from 2014

In this blog some of my favourite resources for teaching and research are highlighted.

2014 saw the arrival of the story map and easy-to-use templates to share data, photos and multimedia through interactive maps. Storymaps help explore information through interacting with content. The ArcGIS Online site provides a vast array of interesting story maps.

Here are some of the story maps as teaching resources shared this year:globalisation graphic

Other ArcGIS Online articles included:

A  number of wonderful Web sites were featured during 2014:scribblemaps

Some great tools were shared:

My favourite video resource of the year was from Gapminder, on why child survival helps stop population growth http://t.co/xTilukgBHv

world-cupOther useful links included learning resources for major sporting events:

Perhaps the most bizarre but fun resource was a video about making a pirate treasure map with Bing http://tinyurl.com/bk7zla4

The full list of publications featured in 2014 EUROGEO Newsletters is available at http://eurogeography.eu/eurogeo-newsletter/news-2014-teaching-resources.html

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