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At the annual conference in Malta (May 2014), EUROGEO (the European Association of Geographers) celebrated 35 years of operation. This is the first of a series of blog posts for the EUROGEO logoanniversary looking at 2014 from the perspective of the association monthly newsletter.  In this blog some of the publications featured in the newsletter are highlighted .Subscribe to the newsletter

Open access to data, research and publications has become very significant in Europe. The Digital Agenda for Europe aims to disseminate the results of publicly-funded research for the benefit of researchers, innovative industry and citizens. Open access is part of the strategy to boost the visibility and therefore citation of European research. Through its monthly monthly newsletter, EUROGEO has been promoting open access, free to download scientific publications for the past three years. Full list of publications from 2014

Geo-Publications: some highlights from 2014

This blog highlights some of those publications included in the EUROGEO newsletter that stood out in 2014. A full list of publications can be accessed here.Visualisation graphic

Visual Analysis Best Practices

If you need to use analytics and visualisations then this guide may help you take advantage of the tools available. This publication is a compilation of techniques from Tableau Software.

Global Change magazine

An excellent news briefing from IGBP (International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme) . It is well worth subscribing to. This issue has  great features on deltas discussing the severe threats faced and the urgent action that needs to be taken to protect them and the rise coastal megacities.

wimbledon imageA history of Wimbledon in maps

In summer 2014, during the Wimbledon tennis championship, the UK Ordnance Survey published an interesting article on the history of Wimbledon in
maps. It illustrates the growth of the championship and includes some recent imagery.

Climate Legislation Study

Globe International published the 4th edition of the GLOBE Climate Legislation Study. This is the most comprehensive audit of climate legislation across 66 countries. The report is critical of the limited progress made so far in limiting the rise in global average temperature.

Mid-term evaluation report on INSPIRE implementation

This report presents the highlights of the open evaluation undertaken by the European Commission of the INSPIRE Directive. It is highly critical of public access to data and the lack of coordinated interfaces as well as the level of training and education implemented.Global Change

Earth Negotiations Bulletin COP 20 Lima

In December,  climate discussions took place in Lima Peru at the COP 20, the international political response to climate change. The event is organised by Climate Action, in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) This publication was released in advance
of the debate and sought to initiate positive actions for the future.

The EUROGEO journal (European Journal of Geography) has been open access since its origin in 2010. The three issues in 2014 published 18 peer-reviewed articles on different aspects of geography.

Many other reports, analyses, papers and books are available online for free download promoted in the EUROGEO monthly newsletter.

The full list of publications featured in 2014 EUROGEO Newsletters is available at

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