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Communicating the power of Geography in a time of crisis

Later this week I’ll be speaking at the 10th International Congress of the Hellenic Geographical Society, which will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece. The theme of the event is ‘Geography in an era of crisis’ and my presentation will seek to deal with Communicating the importance of Geography and geographers in an era of crisis. GeoSlills Plus Project

Crises have a spatial dimension and geography is really important when looking to understand the impacts and outcomes. As a result, many geographers are working in crisis management and risk mitigation, from natural hazards, humanitarian crises and impending issues like climate change.

My presentation will look at four main themes:

  1. Geography, Geographers, Crisis – a case for Geography and the work of geographers in times of crisis

    SPACIT, geo-media competences

    Geo-media competences

  2. Geography, Geographers, Futures - emergent themes and geo-perspectives 
  3. Geography Associations, Crisis  and Communications - the role of organisations 
  4. Communicating Geography and geographers  - who and how do we communicate Geography, innovative projects

It will be a great opportunity to showcase some of our exciting and innovative projects, like Spatial Citizenship, GeoCapabilities and GeoSkills Plus.Geocapabilities logo

Congress Web site - keynote presentation (29Mb)

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